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Agricon is a leading supplier of pre-fabricated, custom-engineered buildings for the agricultural industry with a focus on buildings for livestock production. We have great experience in the realization of projects for egg, poultry and swine production as well as solutions for processing.


Agricon supports projects worldwide, ranging from individual buildings to entire farms. Our employees’ expertise comes from over 35 years of experience. We have successfully completed projects in over 65 countries worldwide, making us your professional partner.

Each of our projects is designed and engineered with the specific needs, location and climate in mind. Our modern, pre-engineered metal buildings are tailored to individual customer requirements and optimized for the particular animal species, including the equipment. To ensure effective quality management, we are ISO 90001:2015 certified.

With over 250 employees worldwide, our global team of highly experienced engineers and professional project management specialists manage and prepare all projects from the start to the handing over of the final product.

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