Cage-Free Aviary - USA

Egg Production

AGRICON completes building to house 320,000 cage-free birds.

With a total footprint of 175,000 square feet, this project consists of two separate cage-free buildings under one roof, allowing the farm manager the opportunity to produce a high-quality egg by providing a comfortable climate for the hens due to the tightness of the structure, and uniform conditions throughout the buildings.

As with every AGRICON building, special considerations were put towards ventilation, insulation, and overall structural integrity. Smooth sidewalls with no exposed beams and a smooth drop ceiling were used to maximize ventilation efficiencies. The drop ceiling allows for customized insulation, which is based on the geographic location of the facility. An all-steel structure provides resistance to fire and will last longer than a non-steel building.

The speed of erection was crucial to accommodate the customer’s bird placement schedule. AGRICON buildings arrive at the site pre-welded, pre-drilled, and ready for assembly, which is crucial for a fast erection. PU Panels help to speed up the building process and provide superior insulation and fire resistance.



  • 2-Story Cage-Free Aviary
  • Smooth drop ceiling and side walls for maximum ventilation and insulation
  • 320,000 Birds Total

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